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It is how you, your Hatcheries and Suppliers stay connected
and get educated day by day.

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The AquaBrahma Platform is the one & only non-exclusive, open, and inter-operable platforms in the Indian Aquaculture Industry designed to meet the day to day requirements and to deliver higher productivity in prawn farming.

Farmers love AquaBrahma

AquaBrahma is crafted for Farmers to invest majority time on following the Best Management Practises & harvesting success, while AquaBrahma will take care of the rest.

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AquaBrahma have Happy Hatcheries

Now Farmers get connected with Hatcheries at the right time for the healthy and quality post larvae you nursed. Aqua Farmers, Stay happier!

Inside the ponds, Suppliers royce!

Suppliers of various Aqua Products in Seeds, Feeds, Chemicals, Probiotics, Nutrients, Vitamins & Mineral premises, Aerators, Motors, Gearboxes, Pumps, & other Electricals for all type of farms.

AquaBrahma is the largest Marketplace in India, for Suppliers.